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          來源:http://www.onews24.com 日期:2021-08-23 發布人:meidesen      

          現在工作服行業還算是比較不錯的,但是也有些魚龍混雜,工作服的面料是五花八門,日新月異。但是一般來說,制作優質工作服的面料,絕大部分都具有穿著舒適、吸汗透氣、懸垂挺括、視覺、觸覺柔美等特點,這個時候要想定做適合自己公司企業的工作服,就必須清楚的知道要如何辨別工作服的面料。 拿企業定制工作服的本質屬性來說,
          Now the work clothes industry is quite good, but there are also some good and bad people. The fabrics of work clothes are diverse and changing with each passing day. However, generally speaking, most of the fabrics for making high-quality work clothes have the characteristics of comfortable wearing, sweat absorption and ventilation, crisp suspension, noble vision and soft touch. At this time, if you want to customize work clothes suitable for your company, you must clearly know how to distinguish the fabrics of work clothes. Take the essential attribute of enterprise customized work clothes,
          The good and bad of work clothes customization are nothing more than three points:
          1. The size of work clothes is customized. The size of work clothes is the primary standard for the inspection of customized work clothes of the company. Since it is customized, it is naturally required to be more fit and comfortable than the ready-made clothes purchased in the mall. It is suitable for the needs of post operation. Looseness and moderation are particularly important.
          2. The work clothes are customized. The work clothes are sewn, size and defects. Different needle pitches should be selected for different fabrics. For example, the needle pitch of hard cloth can usually be thinner, and the needle pitch of soft cloth can usually be denser.
          3. The fabric of work clothes is customized. Generally, the fabric of work clothes is polyester cotton fabric, which is more wear-resistant and comfortable. The texture is fine, the particles are full, the lines are clear, and the luster is soft and comfortable after light sanding. Stable size, wear-resistant and washable.
          According to the rules, only one defect is allowed in each independent part, that is, there are defects on the garment piece, and there are no more defects on the patch bag and bag cover in this independent part. The types of defects vary with different fabrics.
          As long as some formal enterprises are busy purchasing work clothes for employees, it means that without work clothes, you can't enter the factory or workshop. For the needs of enterprise expansion, the current work clothes make the company easier to manage and standardize, and customize work clothes for each enterprise.
          Whether a suit of work clothes looks good or not is mainly based on the designer's design concept. Whether the work clothes are practical or not, and whether they fit or not, all need the designer's core concept. Although it has developed more and more rapidly in recent years, people's awareness of work clothes is not too strong.
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