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          來源:http://www.onews24.com 日期:2021-06-10 發布人:meidesen      

          企業在給員工購置統一的工裝時,總是會在工裝定做還是直接購買上存在不同層次的紛爭,其實兩者的出發點都是為了讓員工穿上工裝后放心、舒 適、又不乏時尚,但是大家卻不太清楚工裝定做比直接購買的優勢,下面我來給大家介紹一下。
          When enterprises purchase uniform tooling for employees, there are always different levels of disputes on whether to customize or directly purchase tooling. In fact, the starting point of both is to make employees feel relieved, comfortable and fashionable after wearing tooling. However, we are not clear about the advantages of customized tooling over direct purchase. Let me introduce them.
          1、工裝定做方便作業穿著更加舒 適。工作服是用于工作時穿的,無論選用的是工作服,還是制服,都保證穿著時不妨礙工作,而這是所有成衣均沒有充分考慮的。
          1. Customized tooling is convenient for operation and more comfortable to wear. Work clothes are used for work. No matter what work clothes or uniform are selected, they are guaranteed not to hinder work, which is not fully considered by all ready-made clothes.
          2. Customized tooling is more durable. At present, enterprises with large purchasing volume also have an average of four sets a year for each employee, and one set of clothes needs to be worn every day for one year, which requires very durable clothes. Therefore, we should pay special attention to durability in the material and process of clothing, and the abnormal wearing of work clothes should also be considered, which is generally not considered in garment production.
          3. Customized tooling is convenient for both men and women. At present, garment enterprises can not guarantee the production of men's and women's clothing at the same time. They need to purchase from men's and women's clothing enterprises respectively, which increases the difficulty of work and may lead to psychological imbalance between men and women workers.
          4. Although the customized tooling is made by group, everyone needs to wear it, so the requirement for clothing is thousands of people and thousands of samples. In order to satisfy the employees, someone has to specially serve every employee. However, garment enterprises generally do not have such technicians and service personnel to serve.
          5. The cost of customized tooling is low and the cost performance is high. After all, work clothes are an expense of the enterprise. No matter which unit claims that it doesn't care about money, it has a strict budget, and the price of ready-made clothes is generally higher than that of the same grade work clothes enterprise.
          6. Tooling customized service is reliable and after-sales service is guaranteed. Purchasing work clothes requires a lot of service support. For example, the handling of inappropriate clothing, the replenishment of new employees, the distribution of products by department and post, and so on. If we purchase ready-made clothes, we will not be able to do all this, because garment enterprises do not need to set up such a service department, and there is no special person to track a certain customer.
          When we make tooling to order, we must do it according to our own needs, so as to bring convenience to our later use.
          Of course, for the purchase of work clothes, it is not necessary to buy ready-made clothes, which also varies with the needs of enterprises. If you have such needs, you can contact us at any time, and we will recommend suitable products for you according to your needs. If you want to order, please consult the official website: Jinan tooling customized http://www.onews24.com .








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