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          來源:http://www.onews24.com 日期:2020-10-07 發布人:meidesen      

            When enterprises buy the same tooling for employees, there are always different levels of disputes between customized tooling and direct purchase. The starting point of both is to make employees wear comfortable and fashionable work clothes. However, we don't know the advantages of customized tooling and direct purchase. The following is a brief introduction of Jinan tooling customization.
            1. The work clothes are made to order, easy to work and comfortable to wear. The work clothes are used for work. No matter the work clothes or uniforms are selected, they will not hinder the work, which is not fully considered by all the ready-made clothes.
            2. The tooling is customized and durable. In enterprises with large purchasing volume, each employee has four sets a year on average, and a suit of clothes should be worn every day for a year, which requires the clothing to be very durable. Therefore, in the material and technology of clothing, special attention should be paid to the durability, and work clothes should also consider the situation of abnormal wear, which is generally not considered in the production of ready-made clothes.
            3. It is convenient for men's and women's clothing to be customized, and it is convenient for men's and women's clothing to be produced at the same time. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase men's clothing and women's clothing separately, which increases the difficulty of work and may lead to psychological imbalance between men and women.
            4. Although the work clothes are made to order by groups, it is for everyone to wear them. Therefore, the requirements for clothing are thousands of people. To satisfy the employees, someone has to specially serve every employee. However, garment enterprises generally do not have such technical personnel and service personnel to serve.
            5. Work clothes are low-cost and cost-effective. After all, work clothes are an expense of enterprises. No matter which unit claims that they don't care about money, they still have strict budget, and the price of ready-made clothes is generally higher than that of the clothing enterprises of the same grade.
            6. The customized tooling service is reliable and the after-sales service is guaranteed. The purchase of work clothes needs a lot of service support. For example, the treatment of inappropriate clothing, replenishment of new employees, distribution of products by department and post, etc. If you purchase ready-made clothes, you can't do it, because garment enterprises don't need to set up such a service department, and there is no special person to track a certain customer.
            We in the process of tooling customization, must be carried out according to their own needs, so as to bring convenience to our later use.
            Of course, for the purchase of work clothes, the purchase of ready-made clothes is not unnecessary, but also varies according to the needs of enterprises. If you have such needs, please consult Jinan tooling customization www.onews24.com Website contact us, we will be based on your needs, recommend products suitable for you.








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