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          來源:http://www.onews24.com 日期:2020-09-27 發布人:meidesen      

            Enterprises need to pay attention to the pilling of inferior work clothes?
            There are many factors that determine the quality of work clothes. On the one hand, some enterprises may not have very high requirements for work clothes, so when they are customized, the amount of money invested by enterprises will be very small, which will lead to the quality of work clothes not very high; on the other hand, if the customized enterprises do not choose very well, these enterprises with poor reputation will cut corners on work and materials, resulting in The quality of work clothes will not be very good. Maybe some enterprise's work clothes will pilling after washing, that is the problem of fabric.
            Can custom work clothes kick? Why do overalls kick
            Most of the work clothes we wear are made of thread, and each thread is made up of many fine fibers. People who sew our own work clothes know that when we put the thread into the pinhole, there will always be a few restless and always fork out. These scattered fine fibers are easy to break. So when these fine fibers are not tight enough, plus external friction, it is easy to fuzz, and then the wool will form a ball after it is agglomerated.
            When many enterprises make work clothes, they give the initiative to the customized enterprises, thinking that everything will be OK. If the enterprises in charge are better, if they run into enterprises without reputation, the fabrics will be the same, but the overalls made will still pilling. Why?
            1、 It is when you order, you are not sure about the quality of the fabric, what is the composition of the fabric, yarn count, density, color fastness, and what kind of technology, so do you know when you order it? If you don't understand and record all these things, it's very likely that there will be problems with the work clothes.
            2、 When you order work clothes, don't just look at the price. Nowadays, there are many enterprises that make work clothes to order. In order to compete, many businesses do not hesitate to reduce the price to get the list, but the result of their price reduction is the inferior quality of your customized work clothes. Pilling, fading, shrinkage, etc. At the same time in the production will increase the distance between the pins, so as to reduce the working time and cost. The clothing made in this way has a short life and is not comfortable for employees.
            3、 Work clothes pilling may also be related to the usual way of washing. The particularity of some work clothes requires special cleaning methods. If the washing method is not correct, the washing products are not correct, or the water temperature is not suitable, the fabric of the clothes will be damaged, and pilling of work clothes is inevitable. Therefore, in this case, when cleaning work clothes, we must first understand what kind of fabric is and what kind of washing method is. Only in this way can we better protect the original characteristics of work clothes.
            There are several factors affecting the pilling of work clothes
            (1) Generally speaking, the fabric with better elasticity will be easier to pilling, and the single ball body is not easy to fall off, such as knitwear, sweater and so on.
            (2) It is not easy to ball the work clothes made of long fiber thread, such as silk sweater. Silk is a continuous long fiber formed when the mature silkworm cocoons. Its length is longer than the general synthetic fiber, so the end of the joint will be less than the ordinary work clothes.
            (3) The fabric structure is relatively thick, hard and compact work clothes are easy to pilling, such as cotton and linen fabrics. We can imagine the hemp rope we used for tug of war. We can see that there are many ends at the end of the rope, but the twist between the fibers is very large when the hemp rope is interrupted. Even if the hairiness is turned away, they are not easy to agglomerate because they are thick and hard.
            (4) The fabric structure is tight and flat clothing is not easy to pilling. Pilling ability PK, in woven fabric: plain fabric ﹤ twill ﹤ satin fabric; woven fabric ﹤ knitted fabric.
            If the work clothes are ready, if they really pilling, it will affect the beauty. At this time, it is impossible to change the work clothes. You can only trim the wool balls on the work clothes silently. What is the best way?








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